The Battle for Freedom

What a horrible day for women. Let’s just start there.

Bill Cosby was just freed from prison on a technicality. A fucking technicality. The justices found that his due process rights were violated since he was charged for an assault after being told by the prosecutors that they would not bring criminal charges against him.

And Britney Spears just lost the battle for control of her life.

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Two critical decisions were made today, both of which were wrong. I couldn’t help but jump on my bed and flip open my laptop to begin typing my thoughts.

I’m agitated. Yet, I can figure out what exactly to write. At least not in a concise manner.

I couldn’t imagine what the 60+ victims of Bill Cosby are feeling today, knowing that the very human that assaulted them, their trust, and their bodies is walking free. Where is the justice in all of this? That man was already blessed to live so many years as an American hero without his secret being public. For him to be freed just doesn’t sit right with me.

The Cultural Divide

I will say, however, that I can understand why cases like this cause division. Bill Cosby is black, and his takedown was relatively quick compared to men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, two men that did similar things. And what about Derek Chauvin? The dickhead that killed George Floyd ON CAMERA. He was sentenced to twenty-two-and-a-half years. FOR MURDER. ON CAMERA. The murder was caught on camera. Yet his life was spared. Chauvin is forty-five years old; he will be out by the time he is sixty. Ladies and gentlemen, sixty years of age at release is far too much freedom for that pickle dick.

Now Chauvin and Cosby were charged for different matters. For Chauvin, murdering a man warranted twenty-two-and-a-half years in prison (he will have to serve fifteen). Whereas Cosby was meant to serve ten years for sexual assault, three of which he actually followed through with. But he’s eighty-three. That man has lived his life and will now be bombarded with hate wherever he goes.

Understandably, this is a racially divided matter. Bill Cosby is a black man convicted of sexual assault, whereas Derek Chauvin, a white cop, was convicted of second-degree murder. If Derek Chauvin continually receives support from white supremacists (yes, that’s what they are), what is stopping black people from having Bill Cosby’s back? How can one absolutely guarantee that this isn’t another case of taking down black men?

“The false conviction of Bill Cosby is so much bigger than him — it’s about the destruction of ALL Black people and people of color in America,” — Andrew Wyatt, spokesman to Bill Cosby

You cannot expect a right is right and wrong is the wrong conversation only to befall black people. Why is it that they must always shit on themselves for society to agree? Of course, that kind of treatment will make you reflect and feel a certain way about what exactly due process actually looks like.

And what does this say for the #MeToo movement? Are victims really protected in situations like this? For having to go through months of media scrutiny and public demoralization, what does their freedom truly look like?

I personally am mortified by the court’s decision. I cannot believe that he is free. I understand that it was the prosecutors’ fault for not respecting his rights, but damn, it fucking sucks still. His victims were heard, their testimonies were respected, yet once again, the legal system failed them.

The World vs. Britney

I was just a pre-teen when Britney was experiencing issues with mental health, all of which were unfortunately documented in the public eye. Of course, I laughed, I made my jokes with my friends. As I got older, probably in my late teens, to be fair, I understood somewhat of her life and how mental health is just as big of a demon as physical health.

To have the world hate you and pick at every part of your life is just fucking wrong. And I think many of us who picked on Britney experience that regret, at least I do. I will say, however, that I almost always think about how major it was for her to overcome it all. I don’t usually give props to celebrities because, in my opinion, it’s difficult for us ordinary folk to find a celebrity’s lifestyle hard in any way. But Britney though, her comeback was a real fucking comeback. CIRCUS.

It was a fucking circus. She pulled through, got her multi-million dollar X Factor deal, Vegas show, and many other things. And I’m tired of people thinking that this type of thing is attainable when you try your hardest. Nope, it’s not. Britney made it happen. She overcame the pain and made it to the other side, bigger, better, and stronger.

It’s inspiring, even for a South Asian man in his mid-twenties. To see someone go through the fucking worst of the worst, from paparazzi berating to blog hating, all the way to news stories, and to come out on the better end. That takes massive strength and internal growth.

FU to Jamie, Jamie, and Jamie

Hearing Britney’s testimony was heartbreaking. Many of us had the common sense to understand that she was going through something with the quirky Instagram videos she posted. To hear, in her own words, that it was essentially a lie that she had concocted to make her fans feel that she was okay is soul-shattering.

I’m disgusted by the very thought of her family. They’re down there with the Markle clan. To do that to an individual, let alone one that is your blood, and as we’ve seen, your breadwinner. What the fuck is wrong with you dumb bitches? This is why child stars go through hell. They have the wackiest support systems on the planet. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that her family is a group of money-sucking leeches. I have no idea what is next for Britney; I think she could do with the hugs, the mental support, and love from her fans. To go through this type of thing and still lose might take a toll on her wellbeing.

Britney and Bill: The Wrong Side of Freedom

I can’t help but think of the similarity of these two cases today. On the one hand, you have a man that caused so much pain and trauma to MULTIPLE women, and on the other, you have a woman who has gone through absolute hell in her life only to overcome it all and still not have ownership over her health, body, and finances. Freedom. They both seek freedom. Yet why is it that the court supports man over the woman?




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An inquisitive take on life in the 21st century, with a spritz of art and splash of fashion.

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