Vibrance Through Volume

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2 min readJul 18, 2023

Fashion can be escapism for many people. It transports you to another space, another place, another dimension. All for what? For a fresh new perspective on what our bodies can exude by the means of different garments. It’s not always as if one garment on its own will tell the story; but two may kick your brain to the curb.

The collection was personified through Siriano’s choice of Vitamin C orange (it’s a mood okay?!) and bright green, more-is-more prints, and volume (ruffles, capes, and tulle).

Was I surprised that THEE Precious Lee opened and closed the show? Do I look surprised? No. The answer is no. God her face is just a statement within itself.

There Was A Musical Guest?

Yeah hoe. Marina Diamindis (ALSO KNOWN AS MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS). Although a novel concept, it should absolutely be declared that such music choice was EN POINTÉ!


My favourite looks included a bright orange pantsuit with a nice cross strap top underneath (Look 1 modelled by TPL), the cut-out dresses, which featured peak-a-boos in seamless fashion (Look 12), and a subtle dark number with a dramatic, voluminous skirt (Look 42).

Look 1 | Source: Vogue Runway
Look 12 | Source: Vogue Runway
Look 42 | Source: Vogue Runway

It was a happy colour story, although I could have done without the hard teal piece (Look 56) and the metallic brown number (Look 57). I felt they were too distracting and took away from what was being said. A little too mermaid for me. I would’ve happily drowned in the other looks though.

What I, as do many people, appreciate about Christian is his unapologetic take on haute couture. He’s not out here being subtle by any costs. And it’s evident yo. He do not give a fucking lick about what you and your little crew of shit-speakers think about practicality.‍



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