Zendaya’s Style is Your Calling to Play with Fashion

As a young twenty-something, she exhibits visual respect to the art of design and fashion. She is always on board to give you the FULL fantasy, unlike the norm.

Dare to play with colour

Attempt the full outfit

Who said your clothing is all that makes the outfit. You have the opportunity to give a full look into your creative aesthetic. Don’t cheap out now. Visualize, accessorize, fantasize.

With Luxury Law in her corner, Zendaya has a true grasp on what has not been seen before. It’s crazy to think that this twenty-four-year-old was on Disney Channel only a few years ago. Her career has truly experienced the liftoff that very few actors attain.

Normally, most people don’t get to erase the fashion fails and mishaps for their teenhood, but Zendaya being the skinny legend that she is, has amassed a catalogue of fashion highs right out the gate. Literally, as she left the Disney Channel studios, she probably cut her Claire’s skinny jeans and transformed them into some booty shorts.

In Zendaya’s defence though, she and Law were both working with a budget during her Disney Channel days. But let me tell you, one thing people. Zendaya doesn’t happen to see that taste is a major bonus. She is far too humble to realize that most people have budgets and still don’t have the level of fashion feats that she and Law have. The budget may always be a prerequisite to solid taste but one thing’s for sure, it’s a waste of fucking dollars when you look a hot mess. That’s. The. Tea.

What stops people from wearing clothes outside of their comfort zone?

Can you really leave your house and deal with the stares and whispers while putting on a marvellous showcase of the latest, in-season garb?

I can speak from experience when I say that the eyes, the stares, and the questions are deterring. Although most people may like the attention, I can simply deal with a look here and then a look there.

In fact, a lot of the clothes I had bought like baggy corduroy trousers and countless blazers took me time to really wear with pride. I was so fearful of what people would really say. Fortunately for me, however, my coworkers are super complementary– in other words, they have impeccable taste.

I’ll give you one tip on wearing pieces that you feel the most hesitant to wear due to the stares and whispers. Wear a nice pair of AirPods, blast your favourite playlist, and keep walking. There’s enough nature around us that we can stare off into space. But refrain from looking down because you’re not weak nor afraid. Stand normally and watch left and right. Look wherever you’d like.

There are countless benefits to stepping outside the box with your fashion, the notable ones being that you can;

  • Let your creativity speak for itself
  • Boost your confidence and threshold for public opinion
  • Inspire those around you to push the envelope with their choices

Zendaya & The Met: A Relationship that Works

Zendaya, who is only 340 days younger than me, is already lauded as a champion for her artistic expression and cultural empowerment.

She (under the mentorship of Law likely) has demonstrated a soft, silk draped effortless relationship with storytelling through her fashion. After all, her Met Gala portfolio is quite impeccable (except maybe for that Tommy Hilfiger look– perhaps the kindest thing her evil stepsisters could do is destroy it).

But every other piece? Magnifique. A zen day indeed.

Random thought: why are Zendaya’s fans not called Fandayas? It just fits. Or even Standayas. Lost opportunitaya. Okay, I’m stopping now.

From her cyborg chic Michael Kors moment at Manus X Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology (2016) with the bob and the billion-dollar beauty was adorned in beaded sequins from neck to toe.

And in 2017 (Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between), Zendaya pulled up in a Dolce & Gabanna gown with teased Terracotta hair. The mustard shoulderless parrot-adorned gown was just *chef’s kiss*–it was giving luxury.

Zendaya in Dolce & Gabbana, 2017 | Image: Harper’s Bazaar

The list really does go on and on for her.

I’m very keen to know what the dynamic and atomic structure of her relationship with Law looks like because whatever they’re doing is paying off.




An inquisitive take on life in the 21st century, with a spritz of art and splash of fashion.

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He Who Nose

An inquisitive take on life in the 21st century, with a spritz of art and splash of fashion.

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